Enterprising Culture

At Mentone Girls' Grammar we are focussed on creating the next generation of enterprising women. The world needs women who know how to get things done while navigating the dramatic societal and economic changes before us. This world of artificial intelligence, globalisation and flexible work requires that women have the skills, capabilities and mindset to see possibilities, seize opportunities and to make a difference, so that they can create value for themselves and for others; a world where women have a strong voice and can take their place alongside men to collaborate for a better world.

Since Education is the basis on which we can change the world, our Enterprise Academy provides a prototype of how Schools should be – environments that harness both formal and informal opportunities for learning and which bring the academic and business worlds together so that students can learn how to navigate their future and flourish in it.

Schools cannot afford to be places where well-intentioned adults work from an old paradigm that prepared students to participate in a society that relied on ‘the system’ and for stability. Every system, industry, and job is changing. The economy is rapidly changing with disruptive technologies and intersections of previously disparate disciplines. The flow of information is moving too fast for school curricula to keep up with a static formal syllabus. The new world (and the new school) is one of a sound foundational knowledge base, practical informal learning, collaboration, adaptability and entrepreneurial effectiveness.

For too long in Australia, Schools have prepared students for a world where the path to success was linear and local. This is no longer the case and schools need to adapt. They need to help students equip themselves with the skills to reinvent themselves as their world continues to change.

The Mentone Girls' Grammar Enterprise Academy experiments with different ways of achieving that outcome within a school setting, and will one day influence the notion of what schools can do to better prepare students for life.

We are proud of our vibrant Junior Enterprise program which caters to Year 2 students through to Year 6 while our Senior Enterprise program expands on what the students have learnt in Junior School and incorporates work immersion activities and workshops with entrepreneurs and business partners.