Getting your business online

Saturday May 20th, 2017

As the use of technology continues to evolve and expand at a rapid rate, today’s Mentone Girls’ Grammar students are looking beyond the classroom to learn the skills needed in a changing world.

Members of the Senior Enterprise Group were given a close up look at some of those skills when they attended a number of workshops with special guest speaker, Meirav Dulberg, the Founder and Director of Webby Web Design.

Established in 2007, Meirav’s business offers web design and web development solutions for businesses across Melbourne and Meirav shared her entrepreneurial insights and knowledge in two separate workshops focusing on website development, digital marketing and the power of social media.

In the first workshop, students learnt about getting their business idea online and launching a website.

“I’ve been creating websites for over ten years and you wouldn’t believe how many businesses approach me with no knowledge of website development whatsoever. Young people need to enter the workforce with at least a basic understanding of digital media, so this workshop covers the 10 essential steps to build your own website, from buying a domain name to content layout,” said Meirav.

In the second workshop, Meirav delved in the world of social media and showed students how they can effectively use platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, to build their business.

Meirav said, “These tools and strategies will not only help them build their start-up, it’ll prepare them for the real working world by giving them vital 21st century skills and an entrepreneurial mindset. If a business isn’t online in some shape or form, whether it be through an app, social media or the web, it loses a big part of their marketing exposure.”

As the parent of a current Year 7 student, Meirav knows all too well the importance of building resilience, creativity and confidence in our young women.

“To be successful entrepreneurs, we need our girls to think outside the box, be creative and work hard. Instead of being upset or disappointed if their start-up doesn’t go to plan, they need to learn from their mistakes and promote their next business with vigour and determination. But most all, they do need to something they truly love and follow their passion, because there’s nothing better than getting up every day and loving what you do.”

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